Updating a Dataset

How to provide an update or correction to a BCO-DMO dataset
We are currently working on a feature to make it easier for you to submit updates within the Submission Tool. Until that feature is available, please follow these instructions.
If you are submitting an update/revision of an existing dataset published at BCO-DMO please email [email protected] with the following information:
  • Provide the Dataset Landing Page link for the dataset you would like to update. e.g. "Pore water Geochemistry"
  • Provide a brief description of what you'd like to change and we will help you from there:
    • If you have a minor edit/correction to make to the metadata, describe what that is and we can make the changes for you.
    • If data have changed, that will result in a new version number being assigned to the dataset. We will give you instructions by email for how to submit your data and updates to the metadata.
  • When you're preparing your data, please keep in mind that we prefer you to submit the entire dataset that should become the new data version, not just what should be changed or added to a past version.